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What is Face Fit Testing?

It is a legal requirement under Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations (Regulation 7), Control of Lead at Work Regulations (Regulations 6) and Control of Asbestos Regulations (Regulation 10) for employers to provide suitable and sufficient respiratory protective equipment (RPE) where other control measures cannot be achieved.

The relevant Approved Codes of Practice advise that the selection and use of tight fitting masks (as RPE) should include a face fit test.

A number of large contractors and house builders now require evidence of face fit testing from all of their sub-contractors.

At Safescope our qualified and experienced team provides a face fit testing service in a prompt and cost effective manner for your operatives either at your premises or our office in Ipswich, as convenient.

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Face Fit Testing Cost
(Half Mask Qualitative Test)

    Cost per test, first 5 tests (excl. VAT) Cost per test, additional 6 to 10 (excl. VAT) Cost per test, additional 11 plus (excl. VAT)
Our Ipswich office   £40 £35 £30
Client site in Ipswich Borough (minimum 3)   £50 £40 £35
Client site in Suffolk (minimum 5)   £55 £45 £40
Client site in Norfolk, Cambridge or Essex (minimum 5)   £60 £50 £45
Client site in London (minimum 5)   £65 £60 £55

If the number of persons to be tested is more than 20 then please let us know, we may be able to find cost savings depending on numbers and location.

We also regularly undertake face fit testing outside London, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge and Essex areas, please contact us with the details.

We also provide face fit testing service during the night shifts.

We also offer Face Fit Training, please follow the link for more information.

Face Mask Face Fit Testing and Training Cambridge

Contact Details

How to Book:   For booking Face Fit Testing or for any further information please contact us as follows:

Lindsey Heffer - Safescope

Business Management Co-ordinator
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M: 07443 789226
E:  LBrown@safescope.com

Dr. Khalid Bhutto - Safescope
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M: 07818 288122
E:  KBhutto@safescope.com