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Construction Health and Safety Services CPP Construction Phase Plans


A Construction Phase Plan - CPP (previously known as Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan) is a legal document required to be prepared by the Principal Contractor, or in the case of projects with only one contractor, the contractor, on all construction projects under the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 (CDM Regulations) (Regulation 12(1)).

There is also a legal duty under the CDM Regulations on both the Client and on the Principal Contractor that a Construction Phase Plan - CPP must be prepared before the construction work begins on site.

The level of details required for a Construction Phase Plan - CPP are provided in HSE Guidance L153 (Managing Health and Safety in Construction) - Appendix 3. The Construction Phase Plan - CPP must not be generic, should be prepared considering the health and safety issues identified in the Pre-construction Information (PCI) and on site and should reflect the specific site information.

Safescope Approach

At SafeScope we assist Principal Contractors in the preparation of site-specific Construction Phase Plans - CPP as required on a one off or regular basis.

We use our bespoke template which we have developed over the years for preparation of Construction Phase Plans - CPP. Our Construction Phase Plans - CPP are prepared with relevant Principal Contractor company logo and branding. We prepare site specific, highly professional and presentable Construction Phase Plans - CPP for the assessment or approval by the relevant Principal Designer or Client CDM Advisor.

Safescope is based in Ipswich - Suffolk and we have been providing our Construction Phase Plans - CPP services to construction related companies in London, East of England (East Anglia), East Midlands, South East Regions and nationally.

Chelmsford Construction Phase Plan CPP

Service Details

Our Construction Phase Plans - CPP service is offered in line with and fulfilling the legal requirements of Regulation 12(1) of Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 (CDM Regulations) and includes the following;

  • Seeking the site specific information.
  • Seeking a copy of the pre-construction information (PCI), if available.
  • Visiting construction site (if required, for complex projects).
  • Assisting in preparation of draft Construction Phase Plan - CPP
  • Issuing the draft Construction Phase Plan - CPP for any changes or amendments.
  • Dealing with any feedback, observations or comments received from the relevant Principal Designer or Client CDM Advisor
  • Our Construction Phase Plan - CPP typically includes the following main headings.
    • Introduction
    • Details of Construction Works
      • Description of proposed works
      • Site Location
      • Start Date
      • Duration
      • Proposed use of building(s)/structures(s) on completion
    • Health and Safety Aims
      • Application of CDM 2015 Regulations
      • Company Health and Safety Objectives/Standards
      • Project Specific Objectives/Standards
      • Statutory Notices
      • Location of Existing Records
    • Project Directory
    • Project Management Structure
    • Project Specific Health and Safety Risks and Control Measures
    • Work Involving Particular Risks (Schedule 3 of CDM Regulations 2015)
    • Co-operation and Co-ordination Arrangements
    • The Selection and Control of Contractors
    • Site Inductions
    • Welfare Facilities
    • First Aid (including map of route from site to nearest A & E
    • Site Security
    • Site Rules
    • Sub-Contractors Site Health and Safety Rules
    • etc

Construction Health and Safety Plan Ipswich

Our Experience

Safescope has been providing Construction Health and Safety (including Construction Phase Plans - CPP service) since our inception in 2008. Our experience of provision of Construction Phase Plans - CPP services ranges from a small construction projects to multi-million pounds complex developments. For further illustration about our Construction Health and Safety services experience please follow the link.

Contact Details

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