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CDM Training for Clients

Course Introduction

The current version of Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM Regulations) is in force since April 2015. These Regulations have changed the structure and extent of the application in addition to significant changes in duty holders and their legal responsibilities. The Client duties under these Regulations have been extended heavily and the liability cannot be now legally transferred to any other party. This training is intended for individuals and organisations who are Clients of construction projects and become duty holders under the Regulations.

The training will make the Clients understand the CDM Regulations, their legal responsibilities and liabilities and how to fulfil them effectively. In addition, this training will also equip Clients in achieving a tangible value for their construction projects by achieving safe construction sites and completed buildings or structures which are safe, easy and economical to maintain in the long run.

Find out more about the Client CDM Duties.

Course Outline

CDM Training for Clients Cambridge

  • Construction Health and Safety
  • Background to CDM Regulations since 1994
  • CDM Regulations 2015
    • Introduction
    • Main Requirements
  • Structure of Regulations
  • Application of Regulations
    • Definition of Construction Work
    • Milestone Documentation F10, PCI, CPP, Health and Safety File
    • F10 Notification Requirements
    • CDM Duty Holders
    • General Duties (Reg 8)
    • Application Scenarios - Flow Diagram
    • Duty Holders Chart/Table
    • Main Documentation Chart/Table
  • CDM 2015 Duties
    • Client
    • Designers
    • Principal Designer
    • Principal Contractor
    • Contractors (including CDM 2015 Part 4)
  • Client Duties in Detail
  • Management Arrangements for Projects
  • Professional Appointments
  • Provision of Pre-construction Information - PCI
  • Duty for F10 Notification
  • Provision of Welfare Facilities on Site
  • Construction Phase Plan
  • Construction Phase Health and Safety Risk Management
  • Post Completion Maintenance Issues
  • Health and Safety File and Future Works
  • Different Project Scenarios
  • Available Guidance
  • Course Assessment
  • Conclusion and Discussion

Couse Details

Course Title: CDM 2015 Training for Clients

Course Duration: 1/2 Day or Full Day (dependent on specific Client requirements)

Delivery Method (Option 1):   Classroom  Online (by MS Teams or Zoom)

Delivery Method (Option 2):   Classroom  at Client premises or our office at Little Copdock House, Old London Road, Copdock, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3JW

Venue (Option 1):    Online (by MS Teams or Zoom)

Venue (Option 2):    Client premises or our office at Little Copdock House, Old London Road, Copdock, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3JW

Cost (Option 1 - Online (by MS Teams or Zoom):  1/2 Day Course - £500 + VAT, Full day Course - £875 + VAT

Cost (Option 2 - In-house / In-company Course):  1/2 Day Course - £695 + VAT, Full day Course - £1,025 + VAT

Cost Discount: 5% discount for Safescope current annual retainer Clients

Maximum Class Size:  12 attendees (6 maximum at our office premises)

Geographical Coverage (Option 1):   Through out the UK and International

Geographical Coverage (Option 2):   London, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk

Weekend Training:   Subject to staff availability, we may be able to deliver this training on Saturdays, however, a 50% premium will apply

Delivery Method:   Classroom

Course Assessment:   Written Assessment

Certificate:   Certificate of Training

Certificate Validity:  3 Years Recommended

Trainer:   Safescope in-house qualified and competent trainers. Important to note that we do not use any external training consultants

Contact Details

How to Book:   For booking this course or for any further information please contact us as follows:

Lindsey Heffer - Safescope

Business Management Co-ordinator
T:  01473 407020
M: 07443 789226
E:  LBrown@safescope.com

Dr. Khalid Bhutto - Safescope
T:  01473 407020
M: 07818 288122
E:  KBhutto@safescope.com