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Building (O&M) Manuals ASSET REGISTERS


What is an Asset Register ?

Asset Registers are important as basis for good Planned Preventive Maintenance programme. In addition, Asset Registers help occupiers or facilities managers of a newly constructed building / structure in managing the installed Assets economically and efficiently fulfilling the health and safety and environmental requirements.

Essentially, an Asset Register is a schedule of components (usually electrical and mechanical) that have been installed in a newly constructed building or structure.

Safescope Approach

At Safescope we assist construction companies particularly Building Services Contractors in preparation of Asset Registers for their projects.

We specialise in CDM and construction health and safety. We have a thorough understanding of construction and building operations and maintenance requirements, which helps us in providing accurate and robust Asset Registers in a cost-effective manner.

We have developed a highly professional, technically sounds, experienced and dedicated in-house team for production of Asset Registers and other handover documentation. We regularly seek assistance from qualified and experienced mechanical and electrical engineers to help us produce technically sound Asset Registers.

We pride ourselves in production of highly professional and presentable Asset Registers in a prompt and timely manner.

We are based in Ipswich - Suffolk and have been providing Asset Registers service to construction companies particularly to Building Services Contractors in London, East of England (East Anglia), East Midlands, South East Regions and nationally throughout the UK.

Asset Registers Company London

Service Details

Our Asset Registers service includes the following:

  • We use our bespoke template for the preparation of Asset Registers.
  • Most of information for Asset Register is extracted from the Design, Drawings and Specifications and cross referenced with Electrical and Mechanical Manuals.
  • Following the collection of information, as above, we compile the Asset Register using our bespoke template.
  • We issue the draft Asset Register for comments and feedback to relevant parties.
  • We amend and update the draft Asset Register taking into account received comments and feedback.
  • We then issue the final version of Asset Register on CDs, USBs or in hardcopies format, as required.
  • Each item in an Asset Register is recorded with the following main details.
    • Unique Asset Tag or Reference
    • Description
    • Location or Area
    • Manufacture
    • Make and Model

Asset Registers Preparation

Our Experience

Safescope has been providing Building (O&M) Manuals (including Asset Registers service) since our inception in 2008. Our experience of producing construction project handover documentation range from a relatively small construction project to multi-million pound complex developments. For further illustration about our Building (O&M) Manuals services experience please follow the link.

Contact Details

For further information and a prompt hassle free fee proposal please contact us as follows:

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